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Seeking a swift and profitable sale of your landed property in Singapore? Whether you’re looking to sell your residence to fund your next home or investment property, finding a serious buyer and securing a good price in a timely manner can be challenging. But with the help of a seasoned landed property agent in Singapore like Timothy Tan, the process becomes simple and achievable.


With Timothy, you’re not just tapping into the expertise of an agent ranking among the top 10 on OrangeTee for three consecutive years but also gaining a partner dedicated to transparency and efficiency. His approach ensures you’re informed and empowered while moving through sales swiftly.


Whether you’re a seasoned property owner or taking your first steps in selling a landed property, with a knowledgeable partner like Timothy, you can be assured that you are steering towards the best outcomes

Sell Your Landed Property at the Best Price the Soonest

Selling a landed property is more than just listing—it’s strategy, astute negotiation, and expertise at every turn. From property appraisal to organising impactful viewings, each step is about dressing your property to paint a picture, one where potential buyers can vividly envision their future within those walls.


With a track record of successful sales of over 300 properties in Singapore, Timothy demonstrates a profound understanding of buyers’ psychology and the art of negotiation. With Timothy as your agent, you can turn each phase of the process in your favour, securing the best price and a swift close on your sale.

Top-PerformingAgent to Sell Landed Property

Research suggests that 40% of individuals resonate with seeing, 40% connect through auditory experiences, and 20% absorb information through experiences. Applying this to property sales, adopting a multi-sensory experience during viewings can amplify that emotional bond a buyer forms with a property, increasing your odds of a successful deal. 

By choosing Timothy Tan as your property agent in Singapore, you can transform each home viewing into a strategic staging that elevates your landed property rather than simply showcasing it. Utilising a multi-sensory approach and thoughtful placements, Timothy turns every corner into an inviting and interactive experience reminiscent of the charm of a luxury showroom, compelling prospective buyers to act.

Venturing into landed property transactions goes beyond finding the right buyer to sell your home in Singapore. It also involves astute financial planning and timing. In other words, you must discern the optimal mix of valuation, anticipated returns, and potential expenses while strategically orchestrating your entry or exit to capitalise on favourable market conditions. By working with an agent like Timothy, you can leverage his experience to develop a well-informed and robust property selling strategy to position you for the best returns.

There’s an adage in marketing: “When you market to everyone, you truly reach no one.” In the realm of landed property sales, this couldn’t be more accurate. By focusing on the ideal buyer persona for your home, you expedite the process of selling your property and enhance the potential sale price. Experienced in employing targeting, Timothy’s team can help you pinpoint the right audience accurately, ensuring efficient use of marketing resources and optimising your sale outcome.

Upon performing a comprehensive audit to determine your ideal buyer persona, the next phase involves selecting the most effective marketing channels to reach them. To help you reach out to more potential buyers, Timothy’s team diversifies where you showcase your landed property to cast a wider net, drawing in a larger set of potential buyers and enhancing your leverage during negotiations. 

With Timothy’s team at the helm, you’ll benefit from an omnichannel marketing approach and targeted exposure to personas with high purchase potential. This ensures an expanded and efficient reach, enabling you to sell your home quicker and increasing the potential for a profitable transaction.

In the age of visual content, simply having a video or image listing of your landed property isn’t enough to captivate potential buyers in Singapore. While creative twists like catchy tunes or engaging narratives can make a property stand out, the core objective remains: showcasing the distinct features of the home.

With numerous stunning visuals screaming for attention on social media, ensuring that your property’s visuals not only meet the standard but exceed it is imperative to capture your audience’s attention. By partnering with an agent like Timothy, you will have the support of a proficient team of photographers and videographers who can highlight your home’s best attributes, so it truly shines in the competitive online space.

Steps inSelling a Landed Property in Singapore

Selling a landed property in Singapore involves several steps. To help you get a grasp of what to expect, here’s a detailed breakdown of the entire procedure:

  • Setting the Asking Price: To help you establish a competitive price to attract keen buyers, Timothy’s team will dive into the local property market and research recent comparable sales. This includes studying resources from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and tapping into Timothy’s rich industry knowledge.
  • Preparation for Sale: Before listing your property, enhancing its appeal by decluttering, staging, and making repairs is essential. With years of experience in landed property evaluation, Timothy can effectively pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring your home is fixed and shines at first glance.
  • Listing and Marketing: To maximise your reach, Timothy’s team will help set up your listing across top real estate portals and ensure your property stands out with compelling descriptions, quality photos, and a virtual video tour.
  • Property Showcasing: Showcasing strengths during viewings is essential. With Timothy’s experience in hosting property viewing, potential buyer queries are deftly handled, enabling you to keep the buyer’s focus on the best sides of your property.
  • Negotiation: As offers come in, the negotiation phase kicks off. Having over eight years of practice in managing property transactions, you can trust Timothy’s adept negotiation skills to help you attain the optimal terms for your sale.
  • Engaging a Conveyance Lawyer: Smooth property transfers are crucial. With extensive connections in the industry, Timothy’s team can recommend trusted professionals to facilitate a smooth legal process when initiating agreements like the Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and an Option to Purchase (OTP).
  • Offering the OTP: This document is sent to the buyer, who must exercise the option to enter a sales contract with you. During this process, Timothy can offer additional guidance as you discuss legal matters with the lawyer to ensure clarity.
  • SPA Execution: After your buyer exercises the OTP, the SPA comes into focus. Timothy’s expertise ensures all details are meticulously covered, safeguarding your interests.
  • Completing the Transaction: If you sell your property within its holding period, a Seller’s Stamp Duty (SSD) is incurred, and Timothy’s team will keep you informed, ensuring all obligations are met timely.
  • Closing the Sale: As the sale concludes, you’ll receive your proceeds. During this final stage of the property sales process, Timothy will help ensure a smooth transition of the property to your buyer.

Sell your Landed Property with us now

Tips forSelling Landed Property

Besides collaborating with a seasoned property agent like Timothy, who can offer strategic guidance when you prepare to sell your landed property, there are other proactive steps to amplify your property’s appeal:

  • Declutter and Get Rid of Junk: The first impression matters. By clearing out unnecessary items, a clutter-free space makes your home appear more expansive and helps potential buyers envision themselves creating memories there. Above all, a tidy property radiates a message of meticulous maintenance, signalling to aspiring buyers that there are minimal extra costs awaiting them for potential repair works.
  • Consider a Fresh Coat of Paint: Sometimes, all a home needs is a little refresh. Repainting your landed property, especially in neutral hues, can drastically brighten and modernise the space, making it appear newer and attract a broader range of buyers.
  • Let the Light In: Natural light can do wonders for the ambience of your home. When taking pictures or hosting viewings, ensure your rooms are well-lit by pulling back curtains or adjusting blinds. A brighter room not only photographs better but feels warmer and more welcoming.
  • High-Quality Imagery: In today’s digital age, most buyers’ initial rendezvous with your property is online. High-resolution and captivating images can thus make a world of difference. By aligning with Timothy as your trusted agent, you’re privy to the expertise of his professional team, who are adept at encapsulating the true essence of your home through their lenses.
  • Set the Right Price: While you want the best return on your investment, it’s essential to price your property correctly from the start. Overpriced properties can deter potential buyers, leading to longer listing periods. With Timothy’s in-depth market knowledge, he can advise on a value that strikes a balance between a competitive price point and your desired amount.
  • Seek Professional Advice: Selling a property is a significant undertaking, with legalities and market nuances to be mindful of for a seamless experience. This makes it crucial to consult professionals with exposure to diverse circumstances related to property sales to ensure you’re making informed decisions every step of the way.
  • Maximise Exposure: The more potential buyers that see your property, the higher the chances of a quick sale. Utilising a multi-platform marketing strategy, Timothy ensures maximum visibility for your listing, enabling you to reach a broader audience and expediting the sales process.

By incorporating these strategies alongside Timothy’s comprehensive services, you can set the stage for a successful and seamless property sale, ensuring you get the most value from your transaction. Ready to maximise the returns on the sale of your home in Singapore? Speak to Timothy’s team today and take the first step towards a stress-free and profitable property transaction.

Sell your Landed Property with us now

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, foreigners can own a landed property in Singapore as long as they are able to pay the stamp duty and other related taxes. However, they must have achieved permanent resident status in Singapore for at least five years and make exceptional economic contributions to the country.

When it comes to residential properties in Singapore, they are typically classified into two categories: restricted and non-restricted. While homeowners can freely sell non-restricted properties to foreigners, the sale of restricted properties requires the approval of the Singapore Land Authority. Such landed properties include terrace houses, semi-detached houses and bungalows/detached houses.

Yes, you can sell your condo, HDB or landed property in Singapore without an agent. However, engaging a seasoned agent offers advantages like professional marketing, accurate pricing, effective negotiation skills, and a streamlined sales process, which can lead to a quicker sale at a potentially higher price.

Yes, you can sell a landed property immediately after buying it in Singapore. However, you would be subjected to Seller Stamp Duty if you sell your property within its holding period

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